The Band

Dirk Steyer

Singer, Song writer, Producer


Mike Koenigsberger

Synthesizers, 2nd Vocals, Production, Management, Merch


For more than 15 years, the band from Chemnitz Accessory of the best known representatives of the EBM-Electro environment. The artistic base initially formed bands like "Mentallo & The Fixer", Plastic Noise Experience or Front 242. But quickly developed Accessory to theier own sound by driving the impulsive beats,vocal samples, sounds crisp and distinctive melodies that create a powerful sound in the final frame, and a harmonious atmosphere, is determined. Their debut album entitled "", which appeared under the label Out Of Line, received surprisingly positive reviews and feedback. This success enabled it to Accessory been booked by well-known bands like And One, Mentallo & TheFixer, Skinny Puppy or Hocico to their concerts and tours throughout Europe and support. The breakthrough in other countries should not be long in coming. Soon Accessory played over the years an enormous number of concerts that have taken her to Mexico, Moscow, Israel, Portugal, Italy, Canada or the United States. They stand on the stages of major festivals such as The kinetics Festival in Montreal,WGT or the Dark Storm Festival in Germany. The current album "Resurrection" is the seventh Studio album by the band, with its fresh sound that sets new standards in the electro scene.

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